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Our developmental approach focuses on building enabling skills, reflective practice, and self-awareness, all to create the adaptive capacity to lead in an environment of continuous change.  Together we achieve these goals by partnering with you to provide:

    • Organizational Assessments
    • Leadership Retreats
    • Learning Programs
    • Executive Coaching
Organizational Assessments
Our assessments are designed to provide insight into the hidden patterns and themes that support or inhibit organizational effectiveness or transformational capacity. Whether we are measuring unit climate or conducting a full organizational culture assessment we uncover the non-obvious.
Leadership Retreats
Our retreats incorporate nature as the medium to provide focused opportunities for leaders to build on self-awareness. Each program can be tailored to the needs of the group and deliver impactful learning at the individual and group level.
Learning Programs
On location or off-site, our learning programs are designed to address your organization’s distinct transformation needs. We design and deliver leadership and change training to target the essential leadership skills needed to effectively guide people in today’s turbulent global environment. These programs can be designed to incorporate small and large groups, intact teams or mixed groups.
Executive Coaching

Targeted coaching is a time-efficient option for busy executives. Our coaches have advanced degrees and extensive experience working in global corporations.


Assessing the Environment
Preparing your organization for change is critical to a successful initiative.  We offer a holistic assessment program to determine your organization’s readiness for change based on employee motivation, fiscal viability, and saturation levels.
Inclusive Strategy Development
Successful organizational change is directly related to individual employee engagement.  We work closely with our clients to help them develop and implement enterprise-wide participation in transformation programs.  This all-stakeholder approach is the secret to great results!
Interventions and Meetings
We specialize in initiating organizational change by helping you plan and deliver Large Group Meetings (LGMs).  Whether the topic is strategic planning or a cultural change initiative, we help you acknowledge talent while simultaneously motivating everyone to action through LGMs designed to get everyone in your organization contributing effectively to the same goals.

We are change experts with extensive experience working in organizations undergoing dramatic, disruptive change. Whether you need spot interventions, a large scale kick-off meeting or help developing strategy, we bring the latest thinking to help our client manage and thrive in change. We provide:

      • Change Readiness Assessments
      • Change Strategy Development & Implementation
      • Large Group Meetings

Case Studies

Our work includes large scale projects, team interventions and more. Click below for samples of recent projects.

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