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Empower your organization for visionary change.

Organizations thrive in complex environments  by harnessing creative energy and talent at all levels.

Leadership and Change in Complex Environments

What We Do

At TruEdge we partner with you to create programs that leverage organizational resources at all levels. With an in-depth knowledge of your company or institution and the products/services you provide, we help you tackle your most pressing challenges.   We work in partnership to develop customized programs that inspire leadership and action throughout your organization. In other words, we help you cultivate fertile ground where leadership and novel solutions flourish.

Who We Are

We believe our greatest contribution comes from helping leaders recognize the importance of an integrated leadership approach, one that knows agility comes from the ability to value and embrace the power of difference. 

The Difference

Successful change in today’s environment requires more than the application of a theory or model.  It requires knowledge of how organizational culture, leadership, and creative capacity work together (a whole systems approach) to produce real-time change.
Our practice is built on three pillars: 1) application of current research based on the science of interacting systems, 2) commitment to developing thorough knowledge of your organization and its product/services, and 3) our roles as consultants and scholar practitioners with over 90 years of combined experience.
We leave you with improved adaptive capacity that can be applied and developed for years to come.

Case Studies

Our work includes large scale projects, team interventions and more. Click below for samples of recent projects.



VUCA. Have you heard this acronym? If not, then let me suggest that VUCA is a good abbreviation to know and understand, especially if you lead or work in an organization. The word stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. It was coined in a 1998 US army...

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